Zinc Joins Forces with ITN and CICM to Talk Digital Innovation

Maximising Customer Engagement with Digital Technology, these are the words we use to describe how we do things at the Zinc Group, says Dougie McManus CEO and founding director of the Zinc Group Ltd.

For the last 10 years the Zinc Group have been quietly building a reputation as market leaders when it comes to the use of new innovative technologies, which are designed to maximise customer engagement whilst also enhancing the customers experience and journey through what can be one of the most difficult times anyone can face. In fact in the previous four years Zinc has managed to win several accolades for the work they are doing in this space, winning two best use of technology awards in the space of just three years.

2018 is set to be another big year for Zinc when it comes to the deployment of new technologies, and this hasn’t gone unnoticed Dougie McManus spent the day with a team from ITN to talk about and demonstrate some of the innovations being used today at the Zinc Group, in the accompanying 4 minute interview Dougie talks about how technology is helping both consumers and businesses alike when it comes to dealing with overdue accounts and personal debts.

“The next stage of investment is going to be very significant not only for Zinc but for the whole industry” Dougie told us, Later this year we will be launching the next generation of customer engagement applications which will deliver fully interactive and personalised communications into the hands of our customers, this will allow customers to deal with their accounts at any time of day or night, whilst ensuring the highest levels of TCF and offering safeguards to vulnerable customers who may not wish to talk directly to an adviser. Dougie went on to say “we believe that over the coming years more and more customers will wish to deal with their accounts via digital channels, using Smartphone’s and tablets to talk to us and access their information, we currently see 32% of all customer engagement through these channels, and we expect that number to rise significantly, we invested some years ago for just this situation, and we continue to invest to ensure that we are there to greet our customers via any channel they wish to use.