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Zinc BPO Ltd can take care of a wide range of the specialised processes that are peripheral to your business, leaving you free to concentrate on your core activities. Our business process outsourcing expertise runs across the whole spectrum of common operational services, as well across most industry sectors.

Moving from in-house service to specialist third party provision gives your organisation the benefit of economies of scale, a range of expertise and resources, and flexible delivery options.

We have a wealth of experience in transforming processes, managing your people, looking after your customers and effective IT.

Why outsource to Zinc Business Processing Outsource Ltd?

Whatever your core business is, it’s unlikely to be back office functions, and what isn’t core to your business is usually a drain on resources and revenue which ultimately draws down of your profit, the good news is what isn’t core to your business is very likely to be core to ours. We can help you to benefit from a huge reduction in cost and resources through a variety of outsourced service.

We can look after everything from customer services to back-office, HR to IT, property consultancy to service improvement. Find out more about how we can help with:

Customer management
Back office

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