Zinc SLM

Working with Clients to positively impact
on Working Capital and Profit

Why choose ‘Zinc SLM’?

Your most valuable asset is your cash flow – are you protecting it at all costs?

Zinc SLM (Sales Ledger Management) maximises the cash in your bank. By using one of the most predictive data engines in the Industry “Zinc Alert” we can calculate the probability of a company becoming insolvent in the next twelve months.

Its “A” rating system shows the strength of a particular company. Its main point of differential is that Zinc SLM offers a bespoke solution to remedy and resolve each individual company position, either as an action for yourself or as an outsource to a member of the Zinc SLM team.

Zinc SLM:

  • Evaluates, Monitors, Manages Potential Customers and Suppliers
  • Allows you to decide who to trade with and on what terms.
  • Can reduce your debtor days, therefore potentially removing overdraft costs. In many cases the SLM service is Self Funding
  • Asks for your money in a Professional, Prompt, TCF (Treating Customers Fairly) way.
  • Is a Risk Reward Service, you only pay a percentage of the total monies collected.
  • Reduces your debtor days, cancels your overdraft and you only pay for success.