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Sales Ledger Management

17,243 Companies became Insolvent in 2018

Last year 17,243 companies entered insolvency leaving behind millions of pounds in unpaid invoices which in many cases led to a loss of jobs, and even insolvency for those companies who were left exposed to Insolvent customers and suppliers.

At Zinc, we offer our clients the opportunity to gain advance warning when it comes to the current stability of their sales ledger. Forewarned is certainly forearmed in these circumstances. It has saved our clients tens of thousands of pounds in potential lost revenue.

Zinc SLM – The Sales Ledger Management tool which protects you from unnecessary risk gives you a deep dive into your current sales ledger. It is one of the most powerful tools you will use this year, it offers a system which will:

  • Evaluate – Your clients current financial standing
  • Manage – Any clients who may present an immediate or future risk to your business
  • Monitor – Continuously any changes to the initial evaluation so you can get ahead of any issues before they become too big to control

Evaluation – The Zinc data engine (Zinc Alert) incorporates one of the most powerful and accurate scores in the industry today, using 15 different parameters and over a 100 Algorithms to evaluate your customers. we don’t just look at your clients credit behaviour we also asses the current economic position globally and asses how that affects your client specifically, Zinc SLM is not just a standard credit score service it works on a bespoke set of algorithms which is trusted by some of the UK’s largest financial institutions including the Bank of England.

Once evaluated your sales ledger will be returned with one of six behaviour markers, ranging from AAA- ZZ Z, each with an explanation of what that may mean to your business. AAA businesses will be stable and show steady growth. ZZZ businesses 60 % of these businesses will cease trading in 7 days! From being issued a ZZZ rating.

Manage – Post evaluation Zinc will work with you to determine the best way to work with your new sales ledger insight. We will advise you on the best course of action to take with any potential issues your customers may have, mitigating any potential loss and reducing your financial exposure.

Not all news is bad though, you may identify as many of our clients do, new opportunities to upsell to financially strong customers who previously may have been under-looked. Zinc SLM allows you to manage your risk exposure whilst increasing customer spend.

Monitor – Once the initial evaluation is complete Zinc can continue to monitor your sales ledger, this works by using rule sets from over 50 categories giving you insight into changes in circumstances such as a CCJ being issued, Director resignation, Company liquidation, Customer denied credit elsewhere etc.

We will continue to work with you on the management of incoming alerts and always offer you course of action to take.

With Zinc SLM you will never be left to rely on your instinct or be left wondering what’s happening to your client’s financial health. You will have the support and expertise of the Zinc group at your shoulder at all times.

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