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Is the average cost to recruit, train and on board a new employee in the UK. This may seem high but when you factor in all of the elements it soon becomes quite clear where the costs are coming from, Advertising, Interviewing, Screening and Training / On-Boarding all add up quite quickly, and this number doesn’t take into account any new equipment or floor space which may be required.

At the Zinc Group we offer a White Label (BPO service) to a number of clients, you may have already received a call from a Zinc employee without knowing it. We work with Telecoms, Utility, Banking / Finance and Health Insurance clients which include some of the biggest brands in the UK today.

Our White Label offering covers a variety of functions including:

  1. Customer Service Contact Centre Environment
  2. Internal Credit Control Function
  3. Debt Recovery
  4. Out of Hours Contact Centre
  5. Overflow Contact Centre
  6. Emergency Response Contact Centre Cover

White Label Technology

Investment in digital technology can cost companies hundreds of thousands of pounds and can be very time consuming when it comes to implementation, often losing momentum in the process or in worse case scenarios new technology can become redundant before coming into play. At Zinc we offer a number of White Label solutions in the digital arena. From customer portals, web chat, apps and emailing engines.

Contact us to discuss opportunities for you to use our digital services today.