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Debt Recovery Services

Zinc Recoveries are part of a multi award winning group of companies, by engaging with Zinc you are harnessing the expertise and experience of one of the UK’s premier financial receivables companies, our team of specialist advisors will ensure maximum return whilst safe guarding your reputation and ensuring that your customers are treated fairly during their engagement with us.

Zinc has two operational centres of excellence which allows you to have representation in

Consumer Receivables
Commercial Receivables

Sectors we work in:

• Banking & Finance
• Utilities
• Insurance
• Telecoms
• B2B Commercial Invoicing / finance
• International Debt

Regulated & Compliant

Zinc are fully committed to ensuring that all customer engagements are carried out in a customer centric manner, our highly trained Customer Account Managers are here to ensure that all customers are treated fairly, whilst ensuring that vulnerable customers are offered assistance and breathing space at the earliest opportunity.
Zinc is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for accounts formed under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (amended 2006), we are also members of the credit services Association.

Why use Zinc?

Working with Zinc means you are working with one of the most experienced senior management teams within the debt recovery industry in the UK, additionally all of our customer account managers undergo one of the most detailed training programs currently available today, we train our people to such a high standard that they can move on and work anywhere within our sector, and we treat them well enough to ensure they stay, ensuring continuity and quality.

Zinc is renowned for leading the way with innovations designed to enhance customer experience which deliver the best possible outcome for your customer and business alike.

• Enghouse Interactive Real Time Speech Analytics (first in the UK)
• Award winning self-help portal www.WeWantToSayYes.co.uk
• Zincology In-House accreditation of excellence training programme the most comprehensive industry in-house training module.
• Data analytics, powered by Zinc SLM the eye into your customer database you wish you had.


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